Washtenaw County 60+ Survey


Washtenaw County’s overall population is growing older. 12.5% of Washtenaw County residents are age 60 and older (43,000) and 9,600 of these residents are 80 and older. In 2020, this number is projected to grow to nearly 22%! Local human service funders who watch this trend closely invested in the Blueprint for Aging to develop and complete a survey about older adult independent living factors: the 60+ Survey of Washtenaw County 2014!

WHO: The Blueprint for Aging partnered with the University of Michigan School of Social Work and the Washtenaw County Health Department to develop and distribute the inaugural 60+ Survey.

WHAT: The survey looked at independent living factors (such as housing, finances, health, mobility, safety, and community supports) that lead to older adult’s ability to age in the location of their choosing. This survey provided baseline data about these independent living factors. By the end of May, 588 surveys were completed.

WHERE: Students from the U of M School of Social Work administered the 60+ Survey at various organizations throughout the county that serve older adults.

WHEN: Data collection for the survey took place from March-May. The survey results were made available in July 2014.

WHY:  Findings from the survey assist local planners, providers and policymakers to better address the challenges to independence for older adults as well identify those program and services that will have the greatest impact toward a senior’s independence. This is information we ALL need to better serve older adults in our county!