Successful Caregiving

Not sure where to begin? Start here!

The assessment tool below can help you identify areas of stability, as well as areas where some help and support are needed for your loved one. 

There are 11 categories of functioning listed. Each category in the left column is color coded to indicate the level of need in each area.
The green column indicates stability. The yellow columns indicate varying levels of need for resources and supportive services.The red column indicates crisis and an immediate need for supportive services.

Consider your loved one’s level of need in each category and record the areas in which help is needed Each category is linked to a resources page that will provide information for support services in that area.


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Now, what about you?

Successful caregiving begins with you, the caregiver.

Distress Checklist
for Caregivers

BFA version-Caregiver Distress Checklist_Page_1

Coping Checklist
for Caregivers

BFA Version-Coping Checklist for Caregivers_Page_1