Hiring Older Adults Makes Sense!


Older Female Worker“There are several benefits to be gained by the whole organization when a multigenerational team works well together. A positive, inclusive work culture can lead to business success by enhancing recruitment, retention and profitability.

1. The Team can attract and retain talented people of all ages.
2. The team is more flexible.
3. The team can gain and maintain greater market share because its members reflect a multigeneration market.
4. Decisions are stronger because they’re broad-based with multiple perspectives.
5. The team is more innovative and creative.
6. The team can meet the needs of a diverse public and can relate more effectively.”

-Taken from AARP Leading a Multigenerational Workforce, 2007


Not only do older adult workers enhance an organization’s work culture, they also bring many unique qualities and characteristics that make them ideal employees:

1. They are dedicated. Studies have shown that dedicated employees produce higher quality work than those who are not as dedicated.

2. Older workers are mostly punctual. They like to be ready to work and like to be more punctual than other workers.

3. Older workers value honesty. They like to speak the truth about things and value integrity.

4. They pay attention to details. They are very focused on tasks and specific details of their assignments. There are many stories of how older workers saved employers tons of money through their attention to detail.

5. They are good listeners. Listening skills are critical in terms of saving time and money. Not only do older workers possess this skill, they are able to follow instructions and train other employees to complete specific tasks.

6. They have a sense of pride about their jobs. Older workers like to be engaged in jobs that they are proud of and that are meaningful to them. Therefore, they take pride in their work and are enthusiastic about their work.

7. Strong organizational skills.  They understand that time can be lost when an employee spends extra time looking for something due to lack of organization.

8. Older workers possess maturity. Since older workers have variety of life experiences , they are not easily “rattled” by issues that occur in the workplace. They can also set an example and offer advice to younger workers, especially when these younger workers are going through workplace struggles.

9. They make excellent mentors. With a diverse set of work experiences, older workers make excellent mentors for young employees. They can share their tips on problem solving and provide valuable insights.