Arbor Hospice General Information

Arbor Hospice provides comfort and support at the end-of-life for persons with life-limiting conditions as well as their families. In the last year, Arbor Hospice provided care for more than 1,800 patients and their families, and 5,500 grief support clients.

How do you know when Arbor Hospice is appropriate?
A patient, family and/or physician may call Arbor Hospice at any time. When the patient would like to move from a treatment plan focused on curing the disease to a plan focused on providing comfort and relief, and two physicians state that if the person’s disease follows its normal course, death may be expected in six months, a person may choose hospice care. Arbor Hospice staff will meet with the patient and/or family to discuss available services, expectations and to develop a plan of care designed specifically for the patient and family needs.

Who provides Arbor Hospice’s services?
Arbor Hospice uses is a family-centered approach that can include a team of doctors, nurses, social workers, counselors, spiritual care counselors, home health aides and trained volunteers. They work together focusing on the dying person’s wishes and needs –physical, psychological, social and spiritual. The goal is to help keep the person as pain-free as possible, with loved ones nearby until death. The Arbor Hospice team works with the person and family to develop a care plan and support network that meets the person’s needs for pain management, symptom control, and emotional and physical support.

Where does Arbor Hospice provide care?
The Arbor Hospice team will provide services to you in your home, wherever you consider home to be. If the family is uncomfortable caring for the patient at home, the patient can be cared for in a hospital, long-term care facility or nursing home depending on the needs of the patient.

Does insurance cover these services?
Arbor Hospice is provided regardless of one’s ability to pay. Arbor Hospice is paid for by the Medicare Hospice Benefit, Medicaid Hospice Benefit and most private insurers. If a person does not have coverage through Medicare, Medicaid or a private insurance company, Arbor Hospice will work with the person and their family to ensure services can be provided.